Come and celebrate one of the best Carnivals in the Mediterranean: The Carnival of Roses.


We have been looking forward to one of the best festivals that can be celebrated in the city of Roses, the Carnival. And finally it’s just around the corner, why would you miss it?

Large groups of people will parade in spectacular costumes to the music of their floats down Rhode Avenue on the waterfront. Anyone is invited to parade to show off their costume or to sit and watch the parade pass by.

Here you can access the complete program of Carnival 2023.

But… if we are tired of so much partying, where can we go to rest? has a wide range of apartments for rent in Roses in which you will enjoy a pleasant stay in our town during the whole carnival. We put at your disposal the best apartments in the center of Roses, with all kinds of amenities. Enjoy the carnival Roses 2023 and come to know our beautiful city located on the Costa Brava.

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